All-in-one machine for organic fertilizer MJFJ-100YT


It is suitable for different kinds of farms such as pig farm,cow farm,chicken farm etc.

After being processed by a fermentation all-in-one machine, the moisture of organic fertilizer was about 20%-30%,the organic fertilizer can packing directly.

Detail Infornation


1.Direct-feed: Don’t need to add excipients,It can put fresh livestock and poultry manure for fermentation directly 

2.Flexible operation Small footprint, intelligent control,Daily incoming and outgoing material,Simple management and operation.

3.Non-pollution:Good tightness,it adopted pumping intensively,It achieved gas emission standards,No secondary pollution.

4.Durability:Stainless steel special material,it can reduce corrosion and  enhance durability.The all-in-one machine manchine can process most of organic waste.Main use of enterprises:Livestock and poultry enterprises,zoo,Catering enterprises,Kitchen waste concentration treatment plant,sewage treatment plant,Organic fertilizer factory,etc.